All orders are confirmed with a payment. Orders are only dispatched/delivered after payment is confirmed. There is NO option for payment on delivery.

Four payment options are available.

  • PAY ID


This is an anonymous form of payment. You can buy bitcoin from any platform that sells them and use for Payment.  You can buy bitcoin in seconds from any one of the following platforms using your credit/debit card ;

If you need assistance regarding this , please contact an administrator via Wickr me app for directions. If in the course of your purchase, you are asked to provide a Bitcoin Wallet address, you can ask the site administrator for a Bitcoin wallet. Once you have completed your bitcoin purchase, send us a screenshot for a confirmation.


Currently, Cardless Cash is only offered by Westpac, St. George, Bank SA, Bank of Melbourne and CommBank.  If you do not know how to Generate a cash code, ask a site administrator for directions. This is the most prefered form of Payment after bitcoins

-Log on to the CommBank mobile app and choose ‘Get Cardless Cash’ from the menu on the left or from your favorites
-Choose your amount and we’ll create an 8-digit Cash Code and Cash PIN
-Tap the cash code notification
-Tap ‘Share Code’ and choose how to share your ‘Cash Code’. You’ll be sharing only the Cash Code. The person withdrawing the money will also need the Cash PIN.


-Only ask for PAYPAL details when you are ready

-Make sure you have money available in your Paypal balance. If your payment is placed on Hold for 24 hours, (Paypal from bank account) we will wait for 24 hours for payment to confirm before your order is dispatched. After 24 hours, once the payment confirms, you will have your order within 2-5 hours

-Payment via PayPal is strictly for FRIENDS AND FAMILY. DO NOT pay for Goods and Services. If you do not  know how to pay for friends and family, ask a site administrator for directions. If you pay for goods and services, the payment is invalid and we will refund your money to your account.


-Once you are done with payment, send us a screenshot as proof of payment for confirmation.